Webster Merriam Thesaurus Synonyms for FORECAST: forecasting, prediction, predicting, prophecy, prognosis, prophesy, prognostication, prognostic; Antonyms of FORECAST: report, tell, describe. Synonyms for BUT: except, excepting, besides, beside, other than, except for, excluding, saving, bar, outside. Synonyms for ALTER: modify, change, remodel, transform, rework, revise, recast, remake; Antonyms of ALTER: set, fix, stabilize, freeze. Synonyms for STEREOTYPE: concept, notion, conception, theory, generalization, hypothesis, saying, cliché, generality, cliche. Synonyms for TORTURE: nightmare, agony, misery, torment, horror, murder, hell, curse; Antonyms of TORTURE: pleasure, heaven, joy, entertainment, recreation, fun. Synonyms for SMOOTH: sophisticated, graceful, civilized, polished, gracious, suave, urbane, attractive; Antonyms of SMOOTH: wooden, stiff, uncomfortable, green. Synonyms for AUTONOMOUS: independent, sovereign, separate, self-governing, self-governed, freestanding, democratic, sovran; Antonyms of AUTONOMOUS: dependent, subject. " That word is ancestor to a number of English words, including acquire, require, inquiry, question, quest, and, of course, requisite. Synonyms for LOST: missing, gone, misplaced, mislaid, forgotten, absent, irretrievable, irrecoverable; Antonyms of LOST: retained, possessed, owned, loved, valued. Synonyms for PAIR: match, combine, mix, merge, blend, connect, synchronize, synthesize; Antonyms of PAIR: upset, disrupt, disturb, disarray, confuse, skew. Synonyms for SHOWN: displayed, exhibited, announced, unveiled, waved, flaunted, flashed, advertised; Antonyms of SHOWN: disguised, masked, camouflaged, covered. Synonyms for FREE: independent, autonomous, sovereign, separate, democratic, sovran, liberated, freestanding; Antonyms of FREE: subject, dependent, unfree. Synonyms for USE: utilize, apply, exploit, employ, harness, operate, exercise, draw upon; Antonyms of USE: ignore, neglect, misuse, misapply, disuse, nonuse. com is the world’s largest and most trusted online thesaurus for 25+ years. Synonyms for BURST: explode, detonate, pop, blow, blow up, go off, fragment, crump; Antonyms of BURST: collapse, implode, fizzle, need, want, lack, slump, calm. Synonyms for ACCOMMODATE: hold, seat, fit, contain, take, encompass, carry, house; Antonyms of ACCOMMODATE: disrupt, disturb, upset, confuse, skew, disarray. Synonyms for SUPPORT: reinforcement, shore, mounting, brace, pillar, mount, foundation, prop; Antonyms of SUPPORT: interference, restraint, inhibition, obstruction. While there is little confusion over the use of the term “sirs,” the word “mes. NOBLE Synonyms: 418 Similar and Opposite Words. Merriam-Webster provides a free online dictionary, thesaurus, audio pronunciations, Word of the Day, word games, and. Synonyms for COOL: distant, detached, cold, dry, reserved, aloof, remote, withdrawn; Antonyms of COOL: warm, social, friendly, cordial, sociable, convivial, outgoing. Synonyms for GIGANTIC: huge, giant, enormous, vast, massive, tremendous, colossal, mammoth; Antonyms of GIGANTIC: tiny, miniature, minuscule, diminutive, microscopic. Synonyms for CONVICTION: certainty, assurance, confidence, satisfaction, certitude, positiveness, assuredness, surety; Antonyms of CONVICTION: doubt, uncertainty. RENEW Synonyms: 84 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for UNDERSTANDING: agreement, pact, convention, promise, settlement, contract, deal, bargain; Antonyms of UNDERSTANDING: incomprehension, misunderstanding. Synonyms for WORD: term, phrase, expression, idiom, monosyllable, morpheme, linguistic form, speech form; Antonyms of WORD: petition, appeal, plea, proposal. Synonyms for COMMON: ubiquitous, usual, commonplace, familiar, ordinary, frequent, household, general; Antonyms of COMMON: unusual, rare, uncommon, extraordinary. It's formulated from petroleum-based chemi. 1 a : a book of words or of information about a particular field or set of concepts; especially : a book of words and their synonyms. Synonyms for SPECIFICALLY: especially, particularly, notably, specially, in particular, expressly, concretely, personally; Antonyms of SPECIFICALLY: generally. Synonyms for ASSESS: impose, charge, levy, put, fine, exact, lay, penalize; Antonyms of ASSESS: diminish, remit, lessen, abate, forgive, ignore, release, disregard. According to the Collins Thesaurus, the most likely antonym for “freedom” is “slavery. STORY Synonyms: 176 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for DEVASTATION: destruction, havoc, loss, extinction, demolition, extermination, annihilation, obliteration; Antonyms of DEVASTATION: construction, building. Synonyms for CULTURE: civilization, education, accomplishment, cultivation, literacy, refinement, manners, knowledge; Antonyms of CULTURE: barbarism, philistinism. Agriculture is an example of a sustainable resource. However, those definitions aren’t as clear. Synonyms for HOME: residence, house, abode, dwelling, roof, lodging, place, housing; Antonyms of HOME: eject, evict. Synonyms for MARRIAGE: match, matrimony, relationship, wedlock, conjugality, monogamy, engagement, remarriage; Antonyms of MARRIAGE: divorce, separation, annulment. Synonyms for CORRUPTED: rotten, spoiled, decayed, decomposed, putrid, bad, rotting, polluted; Antonyms of CORRUPTED: good, fresh, sweet, preserved, untouched. Synonyms for CREATED: caused, generated, brought, prompted, spawned, produced, wrought, worked; Antonyms of CREATED: restricted, limited, impeded, suppressed. Synonyms for BATTLE: fight, struggle, fray, effort, throes, attempt, scrabble, grind; Antonyms of BATTLE: truce, peace, harmony, concord, escape, evade, retreat, elude. Synonyms for SERVICES: privileges, benevolences, benefits, courtesies, mercies, indulgences, graces, favors; Antonyms of SERVICES: obstacles, impediments. Synonyms for APPROPRIATE: suitable, proper, fitting, fit, fitted, good, applicable, right; Antonyms of APPROPRIATE: inappropriate, improper, unsuitable, wrong. Synonyms for ARGUE: contend, reason, plead, assert, insist, convince, explain, justify; Antonyms of ARGUE: agree, get along, accept, concur, coexist, consent, assent. Synonyms for KNOW: understand, comprehend, grasp, appreciate, possess, perceive, fathom, apprehend; Antonyms of KNOW: misunderstand, misinterpret, misconceive. Synonyms for DANGEROUS: hazardous, risky, perilous, serious, unsafe, precarious, treacherous, menacing; Antonyms of DANGEROUS: safe, harmless, innocuous, innocent. Synonyms for CURIOUS: inquisitive, interested, nosey, nosy, concerned, prying, questioning, officious; Antonyms of CURIOUS: indifferent, incurious, disinterested. Synonyms for THESAURUS: dictionary, …. Synonyms for FAIRNESS: beauty, beautifulness, attractiveness, aesthetics, elegance, looks, esthetics, loveliness; Antonyms of FAIRNESS: ugliness, plainness. Synonyms for DISCUSSION: debate, consultation, consult, talk, conversation, dialogue, argumentation, meeting, deliberation, dialog. Join millions of people and grow your mastery of the English language. Synonyms for QUEST: search, hunt, pursuit, exploration, survey, sweep, chase, reconnaissance; Antonyms of QUEST: yield, give up, surrender, relinquish, lose, hide. Synonyms for BE: live, exist, rule, continue, breathe, survive, keep (on), subsist; Antonyms of BE: die, disappear, depart, perish, expire, pass away, stop, succumb. Synonyms for RESTRICT: limit, confine, tighten, hinder, impede, hold down, circumscribe, suppress; Antonyms of RESTRICT: exceed, expand, broaden, widen, overextend. Synonyms for CUSTOMER: client, patron, guest, user, buyer, consumer, punter, account; Antonyms of CUSTOMER: seller, merchant, vendor, broker, vender, shopkeeper. CRUCIAL Synonyms: 23 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for AFFECT: influence, impact, impress, strike, touch, reach, sway, inspire; Antonyms of AFFECT: bore, weary, pall, tire, jade, underwhelm, avoid, escape. Synonyms for GAME: tournament, competition, event, match, championship, contest, sport, tourney; Antonyms of GAME: earnest, gravity, seriousness, earnestness. Synonyms for THEREFORE: so, thus, consequently, hence, accordingly, in consequence, thereupon, wherefore, ergo. Synonyms for OVERCOME: defeat, conquer, master, worst, take, get, surmount, beat; Antonyms of OVERCOME: lose (to), fall, give up, go down, fail, go under, collapse, fold. ESTABLISH Synonyms: 109 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for VICTIM: fatality, casualty, prey, martyr, loss, loser, sacrifice, underdog; Antonyms of VICTIM: winner, victor, gainer, murderer, killer, assassin. Synonyms for ABERRATION: dementia, insanity, hysteria, schizophrenia, madness, instability, paranoia, derangement; Antonyms of ABERRATION: mind, sanity, rationality. Synonyms for PLEASE: delight, satisfy, warm, glad, feast, entertain, agree (with), rejoice; Antonyms of PLEASE: bother, displease, get, annoy, aggravate, irritate. Synonyms for OCCUR: happen, be, come, do, befall, come down, come about, transpire, come to pass, come off. Synonyms of be be 1 of 2 verb (1) Definition of be 1 as in to live to have life stories that begin with the familiar line "once upon a time there was a beautiful maiden" Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance live exist rule continue breathe survive keep (on) subsist flourish persist last lead endure kick hold on run on abide move thrive hold up. Here's another: "Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. Synonyms for NEVERTHELESS: however, nonetheless, though, still, yet, notwithstanding, at the same time, all the same, just the same, even so. Synonyms for EFFECTIVE: efficient, productive, potent, adequate, efficacious, effectual, operative, useful; Antonyms of EFFECTIVE: ineffective, useless, inefficient. PRAISE Synonyms: 131 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for CREATE: generate, bring, cause, produce, do, prompt, work, spawn; Antonyms of CREATE: restrict, limit, impede, suppress, quash, stifle, subdue, quell. Synonyms for WHILE: space, bit, span, day, minute, stretch, spell, moment; Antonyms of WHILE: ease, facility, smoothness, fluency, inertia, inaction, inactivity, idleness. They each have a total of 12 factors, including the number one and the number itself. Synonyms for STORY: tale, novella, narrative, yarn, short story, history, novelette, joke; Antonyms of STORY: truth, fact, honesty, veracity, truthfulness. PROJECT Synonyms: 117 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for INSIGHT: wisdom, understanding, sensitivity, perception, perceptivity, perceptiveness, discernment, intellect; Antonyms of INSIGHT: density, obtuseness. Synonyms for VERIFY: confirm, argue, support, validate, corroborate, prove, certify, authenticate; Antonyms of VERIFY: refute, disprove, rebut, deny, contradict. Synonyms for GOALS: objectives, purposes, plans, aims, ambitions, intentions, ideas, intents; Antonyms of GOALS: means, methods, ways. Synonyms for METICULOUSLY: carefully, scrupulously, conscientiously, strictly, rigidly, rigorously, precisely, exactly; Antonyms of METICULOUSLY: loosely, imprecisely. Synonyms for INTERACTION: relation, intercourse, dealings, commerce, interrelationship, companionship, cross-fertilization, cross-pollination; Antonyms of INTERACTION. Synonyms for LEARN: master, get, understand, know, discover, see, pick up, hear; Antonyms of LEARN: forget, unlearn, miss, ignore, overlook, misunderstand, disregard, neglect. Synonyms for ON: regarding, concerning, about, towards, toward, of, with regard to, with respect to; Antonyms of ON: backward, backwards, back, behind, rearward. Synonyms for SO: therefore, thus, consequently, hence, accordingly, in consequence, wherefore, thereupon; Antonyms of SO: otherwise, differently, conversely. Synonyms for THUS: therefore, so, consequently, hence, accordingly, thereupon, in consequence, wherefore, ergo. Synonyms for BULLY: great, terrific, excellent, lovely, wonderful, awesome, prime, beautiful; Antonyms of BULLY: poor, pathetic, vile, terrible, awful, rotten. Synonyms for WATCH: observe, eye, follow, see, view, stare, monitor, look; Antonyms of WATCH: blink, wink, ignore, disregard, dismiss, tune out, pass over, neglect. " Repeated requests can express a need, and the past. The Insider Trading Activity of Nurkin John Webster on Markets Insider. Synonyms for UTILIZE: use, apply, exploit, employ, operate, harness, exercise, draw upon; Antonyms of UTILIZE: ignore, neglect, misuse, misapply. Synonyms for LEAD: steer, guide, accompany, show, direct, conduct, route, usher; Antonyms of LEAD: follow, trail, tail, dog, shadow, hound, tailgate, serve. Get Word of the Day daily email! Get synonyms and antonyms for 3,891 words that start with the letter A. Synonyms for REMISS: neglectful, neglecting, careless, lazy, negligent, derelict, lax, slack; Antonyms of REMISS: careful, conscientious, attentive, punctilious. Synonyms for EDUCATION: schooling, teaching, instruction, training, tutoring, tuition, development, preparation; Antonyms of EDUCATION: ignorance, illiteracy. Synonyms for WITNESS: testimony, evidence, proof, testament, documentation, testimonial, confirmation, validation; Antonyms of WITNESS: rebuttal, refutation, charge. Synonyms for CONCISE: summary, brief, succinct, pithy, blunt, terse, short, curt; Antonyms of CONCISE: wordy, verbose, prolix, circuitous, diffuse, redundant. Synonyms for CONSIDERED: calculated, reasoned, deliberate, studied, advised, weighed, measured, intended; Antonyms of CONSIDERED: unconsidered, chance, casual. Synonyms for SERVICE: kindness, privilege, grace, courtesy, mercy, indulgence, blessing, benefit; Antonyms of SERVICE: interference, obstacle, impediment, hindrance. From the fun and familiar to the strange and obscure, learn something new everyday with Merriam-Webster. Synonyms for HARASSMENT: disturbance, bothering, annoyance, bugging, teasing, offence, torture, persecution, torment, aggravation. EMULATE Synonyms: 40 Similar Words. Synonyms for ISSUES: consequences, outcomes, results, resultants, effects, products, developments, implications; Antonyms of ISSUES: reasons, causes, factors. A1 abide (beyond) abide by abrasive abreast abut abutment acclivity accolade accurately accurateness acquisition acquisitions adapt adaptability adjoined adjoining admixture. Synonyms for WORK: cause, create, bring, do, generate, prompt, produce, spawn; Antonyms of WORK: limit, restrict, impede, check, control, put down, suppress, subdue. Synonyms for REST: relaxation, resting, leisure, ease, silence, restfulness, sleep, decompression; Antonyms of REST: work, labor, pressure, toil, exertion, stress. Synonyms for EXCITEMENT: encouragement, stimulation, stimulus, motivation, incentive, provocation, stimulant, frustration; Antonyms of EXCITEMENT: subduing. Synonyms for AGGREGATE: total, sum, totality, full, whole, summation, bulk, sum total; Antonyms of AGGREGATE: net, individual, particular, component, partial, local. Synonyms for VULNERABILITY: susceptibility, weakness, sensitivity, exposure, defenselessness, helplessness, proneness, powerlessness; Antonyms of VULNERABILITY. Synonyms for COMMUNITY: town, neighborhood, city, village, commune, society, residents, inhabitants; Antonyms of COMMUNITY: individualist, loner, difference. Synonyms for KEEN: sensitive, quick, acute, sharp, good, perceptive, delicate, accurate; Antonyms of KEEN: bad, dull, dulled, fading, dead, insensitive, numb, insensible. Synonyms for FAIR: sunny, clear, bright, cloudless, unclouded, peaceful, sunshiny, mild; Antonyms of FAIR: rough, raw, dirty, foul, turbulent, rainy, bleak, stormy. This website offers a thesaurus dictionary where your only task is to enter a word you find yourself unnecessarily overusing. Synonyms for STRUCTURE: building, edifice, house, construction, hut, cottage, cabin, shed; Antonyms of STRUCTURE: dismantle, destroy, break up, ruin, disassemble. Synonyms for AFFIRM: insist, allege, claim, assert, maintain, declare, contend, argue; Antonyms of AFFIRM: deny, reject, abandon, negative, repudiate, negate, gainsay. Synonyms for COLLABORATION: partnership, cooperation, relationship, association, affiliation, connection, interaction, relation; Antonyms of COLLABORATION. Synonyms for ENCOMPASSING: all-inclusive, comprehensive, integral, total, holistic, panoramic, overall, broad; Antonyms of ENCOMPASSING: specific, limited, partial. Synonyms for SAY: tell, talk, utter, speak, discuss, share, state, give; Antonyms of SAY: suppress, stifle, read, doubt, question, wonder (about), challenge, disagree. Synonyms for ACCOMPLISHED: cultured, civilized, polished, cultivated, refined, educated, polite, civil; Antonyms of ACCOMPLISHED: ignorant, barbarous, uncivilized. Online dictionaries provide the resources to find definitions. 82K reviews 1M+ Downloads Everyone info Install About this app arrow_forward Webster's New World College Dictionary combines the most up-to-date information about our language and our world to. Synonyms for ADVERSE: unfavorable, negative, hostile, detrimental, harmful, damaging, destructive, threatening; Antonyms of ADVERSE: favorable, positive, advantageous. Synonyms for TRASH: garbage, debris, rubbish, junk, dust, litter, truck, sewage; Antonyms of TRASH: treasure, prize, gem, pearl, trove, catch, treasure trove, plum. Synonyms for ABOUT: regarding, concerning, on, of, towards, toward, with regard to, respecting; Antonyms of ABOUT: clockwise, deasil, quite, entirely, fully. How to Raise a Reckless, Glorious, Girl— According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definitions of the words: Reckless and glorious, are the following: reckless reck·less | \ ˈre-kləs \ Definition. Synonyms for VOCABULARY: terminology, dialect, language, slang, idiom, jargon, argot, lingo, patois, shoptalk. Synonyms for TRADITIONAL: customary, conventional, classical, usual, historical, authentic, old, historic; Antonyms of TRADITIONAL: nontraditional, modern. Synonyms for LOGIC: reasoning, reason, sense, logicality, argumentation, ratiocination, intellection, logicalness; Antonyms of LOGIC: illogic, incoherence. Synonyms for PRECOCIOUS: early, premature, unexpected, sudden, untimely, unseasonable, inopportune, unanticipated; Antonyms of PRECOCIOUS: late, delinquent, slow. Synonyms for PRIDE: pridefulness, confidence, ego, self-respect, dignity, self-esteem, self-regard, assurance; Antonyms of PRIDE: shame, humiliation, disgrace. Synonyms for EMPOWERING: enabling, authorizing, qualifying, investing, commissioning, allowing, licensing, certifying; Antonyms of EMPOWERING: preventing, denying. Synonyms for INSIGHTFUL: wise, prudent, perceptive, brilliant, thoughtful, sagacious, intelligent, clever; Antonyms of INSIGHTFUL: unwise, dense, obtuse, dull, simple. Synonyms for ACQUIRED: adscititious, incidental, surface, accidental, coincidental, superficial, foreign, extrinsic; Antonyms of ACQUIRED: essential, inherent. Dictionary and Thesaurus bundle with 160,000 entries and over 800 illustrations. COMMENDABLE Synonyms: 75 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for INFORMATION: data, facts, findings, intelligence, info, news, story, item, advice(s), announcement. Advertisement A waterbed is a bed whose mattress is a watertight bag filled with water [source: Merriam-. Synonyms for SUGGEST: indicate, imply, hint, refer, allude, infer, mention, intimate; Antonyms of SUGGEST: explain, announce, declare, proclaim, describe, elucidate. Synonyms for CULMINATION: pinnacle, zenith, top, height, peak, climax, apex, capstone; Antonyms of CULMINATION: bottom, base, foot, nadir, minimum, rock bottom, abyss. Synonyms for CONTAIN: hold, boast, encompass, house, bear, accommodate, enclose, take; Antonyms of CONTAIN: prevent, exclude, leave (out), omit, preclude, prohibit. RESOLVED Synonyms: 248 Similar and Opposite Words. Whether you’ve never tried skiing or you’re a pro, you’ve probably heard the word “gnarly. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary API gives developers access to a comprehensive resource of dictionary and thesaurus content as well as specialized medical, Spanish, ESL, and student-friendly vocabulary. DICTIONARY Synonyms: 7 Similar Words. Synonyms for PERSON: man, guy, life, creature, individual, thing, human, soul; Antonyms of PERSON: animal, beast, brute, critter, beastie. Synonyms for BLACK: ebony, dark, sable, raven, pitch-black, brunette, pitch-dark, dusky; Antonyms of BLACK: white, light, pale, bright, brilliant, palish, gay, friendly. Synonyms for INTERESTING: intriguing, fascinating, engaging, exciting, absorbing, provocative, involving, gripping; Antonyms of INTERESTING: boring, uninteresting. Here are 163 entries in the thesaurus containing and. Synonyms for LEVERAGE: influence, sway, clout, authority, credit, pull, importance, in; Antonyms of LEVERAGE: weakness, helplessness, impotence, powerlessness, impotency. Synonyms for SPECIFIC: special, precise, distinct, sole, concrete, express, specialized, peculiar; Antonyms of SPECIFIC: nonspecific, general, generic, generalized. Synonyms for INVALID: weak, fragile, weakly, dying, sickly, frail, sick, ailing; Antonyms of INVALID: well, healthy, whole, sound, wholesome, fit, hale, hearty. Using a thesaurus provides us with the synonyms and antonyms of words. Synonyms for PROMISE: vow, swear, pledge, ensure, covenant, agree, guarantee, insist, give one's word, plight. Synonyms for DISHEARTENING: discouraging, disconcerting, dismaying, demoralizing, dispiriting, daunting, troubling, troublesome; Antonyms of DISHEARTENING: reassuring. Synonyms for GIVE: donate, volunteer, provide, present, contribute, bestow, offer, give of; Antonyms of GIVE: keep, hold, retain, withhold, save, preserve, lend, sell. Synonyms for FEEL: sense, see, smell, perceive, notice, hear, taste, realize; Antonyms of FEEL: doubt, suspect, question, reject, distrust, mistrust, discredit. com: Books Books › Reference › Dictionaries & Thesauruses Enjoy fast, FREE delivery, exclusive deals and award-winning movies & TV shows with Prime. WEATHER Synonyms: 63 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for ESPECIALLY: particularly, specifically, personally, in particular, in especial, individually, selectively, restrictively; Antonyms of ESPECIALLY. 1 as in while at or during the time that she complained that no one was paying attention to her when she gave her speech Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance while whilst as so long as Antonyms & Near Antonyms after 2 as in once just at the moment that you should say hello when you answer the phone Synonyms & Similar Words once immediately instantly. A great tool for reference, education, and vocabulary building. Synonyms for EMBRACE: hug, clasp, cling, cradle, grasp, enfold, grab, wrap; Antonyms of EMBRACE: expose, bare, strip, denude, abandon, relinquish, surrender, forsake. Synonyms for ELITIST: aristocratic, arrogant, snobbish, snooty, snobby, snotty, ritzy, toffee-nosed; Antonyms of ELITIST: democratic, egalitarian, humble, modest. Synonyms for DECREASE: reduce, lower, diminish, minimize, deplete, ease, lessen, dwindle; Antonyms of DECREASE: increase, expand, augment, raise, boost, enlarge. PROBLEM Synonyms: 105 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for UNDERSTAND: derive, decide, think, conclude, infer, guess, deduce, reason; Antonyms of UNDERSTAND: misunderstand, misinterpret, misapprehend, misconceive. Synonyms for SEEM: look, feel, sound, appear, make, act, come across (as), pretend, come off (as), resemble. Synonyms for THIS: closer, near, front, inside, hither, nigher, fore, forward; Antonyms of THIS: that, other, further, opposite, far, farther, distant, remote. Synonyms for PRESERVE: conserve, maintain, save, protect, defend, restore, safeguard, sustain; Antonyms of PRESERVE: ignore, disregard, destroy, neglect, hurt, break. Synonyms for HIDDEN: secluded, sheltered, secret, isolated, covert, remote, quiet, retired; Antonyms of HIDDEN: visible, obvious, exposed, displayed, exhibited. Synonyms for ACKNOWLEDGE: admit, confess, concede, agree, recognize, announce, grant, disclose; Antonyms of ACKNOWLEDGE: deny, disclaim, contradict, reject, negative. These tools help find another way to say spec. Synonyms for WRECK: wreckage, debris, rubble, ruins, remains, remnant, ashes, detritus; Antonyms of WRECK: recovery, salvage, salvaging, recover, build, set up. Synonyms for SUMMARY: outline, brief, summa, digest, sum, inventory, resume, synopsis; Antonyms of SUMMARY: expansion, enlargement, amplification, supplement. Synonyms for INTERMITTENT: recurrent, recurring, periodic, continual, periodical, seasonal, on-and-off, occasional; Antonyms of INTERMITTENT: continuous, constant. Synonyms for SARCASTIC: satirical, satiric, acidic, barbed, acid, sardonic, caustic, acerbic; Antonyms of SARCASTIC: amusing, playful, mild, merry, gentle, droll. Synonyms for RELATIONSHIP: kinship, connection, association, correlation, relation, linkage, affinity, liaison; Antonyms of RELATIONSHIP: variance, variability. Synonyms for CHARACTER: symbol, sign, glyph, letter, icon, cipher, numeral, ikon; Antonyms of CHARACTER: sheep, follower, conformer, conformist, evil, villainy. * Integrated Thesaurus: more than 200,000 word choices with examples of their use * Example Sentences: understand how a word is used in context * Audio Pronunciations: voiced by real English. Synonyms for PROJECT: plan, blueprint, strategy, program, design, scheme, system, proposal; Antonyms of PROJECT: contract, shrink, compress, condense, constrict. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Merriam-Webster unabridged. Synonyms for EXCEPTIONAL: extraordinary, unusual, unique, outstanding, rare, abnormal, uncommon, remarkable; Antonyms of EXCEPTIONAL: normal, ordinary, common. Synonyms for EXCITING: breathtaking, interesting, thrilling, intriguing, inspiring, exhilarating, fascinating, electrifying; Antonyms of EXCITING: boring, tedious. CONDUCIVE Synonyms: 27 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for LIGHT: glow, glare, gleam, illumination, sunlight, glint, beam, luminescence; Antonyms of LIGHT: night, dark, darkness, shadow, dusk, blackness, gloom, dimness. Synonyms for MAKE: produce, create, manufacture, build, construct, assemble, form, fabricate; Antonyms of MAKE: dismantle, destroy, eradicate, ruin, abolish, break up. Synonyms for PROVIDE: give, supply, furnish, deliver, hand, feed, distribute, hand over; Antonyms of PROVIDE: keep (back), hold (back), retain, maintain, preserve. Synonyms for IMPLEMENTATION: execution, fulfilment, fulfillment, perpetration, performance, accomplishment, achievement, prosecution; Antonyms of IMPLEMENTATION. Synonyms for BEGINNINGS: starts, inceptions, commencements, onsets, alphas, launches, geneses, dawns; Antonyms of BEGINNINGS: endings, ends, conclusions, periods. Synonyms for HUMOR: humorousness, irony, comedy, funniness, comicality, richness, drollery, hilariousness; Antonyms of HUMOR: pathos, sorrow, grief, misery, anguish. Free online dictionary, thesaurus and reference materials. Anterior means "in front of" or "the front surface of. Synonyms for VALUE: worth, price, cost, valuation, rate, fee, estimate, appraisal; Antonyms of VALUE: deficiency, defect, failing, fault, disvalue, flaw, demerit, blemish. Synonyms for FAITHFUL: loyal, steadfast, staunch, devout, true, devoted, dedicated, good; Antonyms of FAITHFUL: unfaithful, faithless, disloyal, false, treacherous. Synonyms for MERRY: jolly, festive, cheerful, lively, laughing, jovial, mirthful, joyful; Antonyms of MERRY: sad, unhappy, blue, sorrowful, melancholy, depressed. Synonyms for DEFINITION: description, portrait, depiction, portrayal, picture, sketch, rendering, tale, delineation, account. capitol: [noun] a building in which a state legislative body meets. Games & Quizzes; Games & Quizzes; Word of the Day ; Grammar. Synonyms for OCEAN: sea, waters, Neptune, blue, brine, deep, seven seas, basin, high seas, depths. Here are 437 entries in the thesaurus containing the. Synonyms for DISCUSS: debate, argue, review, dispute, talk over, consider, agitate, introduce, canvass, raise. Synonyms for ANCIENT: venerable, antique, old, medieval, archaic, antiquated, prehistoric, antediluvian; Antonyms of ANCIENT: modern, new, recent, young, contemporary. AMELIORATE Synonyms: 57 Similar and Opposite Words. The perfect tool for readers and writers, The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus features more than 150,000 word choices, including related words, antonyms, and near antonyms. ADDITIONAL Synonyms: 28 Similar and Opposite Words. " Anterior means "in front of" or "the front surface of. Online dictionaries can be an easy and quick way to learn information about a word. Synonyms for EMBARRASS: confuse, fluster, bother, mortify, rattle, disturb, disconcert, humiliate; Antonyms of EMBARRASS: relieve, encourage, soothe, calm, comfort. Synonyms for ENGAGE: interest, immerse, involve, occupy, intrigue, attract, fascinate, busy; Antonyms of ENGAGE: bore, weary, tire, pall, jade, escape, evade, elude. Synonyms for DANCE: prom, celebration, festival, ball, hop, formal, party, festivity; Antonyms of DANCE: hang, float, hover. Synonyms for ILLUSION: dream, fantasy, daydream, vision, delusion, unreality, phantasy, idea; Antonyms of ILLUSION: fact, reality, actuality, truth, verity. Synonyms for COMMENDABLE: meritorious, admirable, worthy, excellent, laudable, praiseworthy, impressive, creditable; Antonyms of COMMENDABLE: reprehensible. Synonyms for SUCCEED: go, click, deliver, bear fruit, come off, flourish, go over, work out; Antonyms of SUCCEED: fail, strike out, miss, founder, collapse, struggle. Online English Thesaurus from Collins: More than 500,000 synonyms and antonyms - With definitions, meanings, phrases, and examples. Synonyms for PERFORMANCE: interpretation, version, rendition, reading, adaptation, account, variation, reworking; Antonyms of PERFORMANCE: nonperformance, nonfulfillment. Synonyms for STRONG: muscular, powerful, mighty, rugged, stout, sturdy, masculine, sinewy; Antonyms of STRONG: weak, feeble, delicate, frail, challenged, disabled. Are you looking to spruce up your home with stylish and affordable accessories? Look no further than Temple and Webster Online. Synonyms for GUARANTEE: bond, assure, guaranty, certify, pledge, warrant, contract, undertake; Antonyms of GUARANTEE: undermine, weaken, enfeeble, minimize, ignore. Synonyms for SPREAD: disseminate, propagate, circulate, broadcast, transmit, impart, dispense, diffuse; Antonyms of SPREAD: hold (in), hide, conceal, obscure, veil. Synonyms for TECHNOLOGIES: devices, inventions, mechanisms, innovations, equipments, tools, apparatuses, apparatus, instruments, applications. Synonyms for ELABORATE: detailed, intricate, complicated, elegant, complex, sophisticated, fancy, involved; Antonyms of ELABORATE: simple, unsophisticated, modest. Synonyms for FREQUENT: periodic, regular, repeated, steady, constant, periodical, continual, recurrent; Antonyms of FREQUENT: infrequent, occasional, irregular. Synonyms for BEGINNING: start, inception, commencement, onset, launch, alpha, outset, dawn; Antonyms of BEGINNING: end, conclusion, ending, close, period, completion. Synonyms for DETERMINED: resolute, intent, decisive, resolved, confident, bound, positive, firm; Antonyms of DETERMINED: undetermined, hesitant, unresolved, uncertain. Synonyms for IN: with, by, through, via, per, by means of, by dint of, in virtue of; Antonyms of IN: out, outmoded, unfashionable, unbecoming, unattractive, uncool. Synonyms for BOOK: paperback, hardcover, treatise, volume, novel, tome, monograph, anthology; Antonyms of BOOK: ancient history, open secret, come, arrive, stay, show. Synonyms for EXPRESS: voice, give, state, announce, write, convey, air, look; Antonyms of EXPRESS: suppress, restrict, restrain, stifle, censor, disembody, general. There are numerous general dictionaries like Merriam-Webster and Dictionary. Synonyms for BREAK: disrupt, fracture, fragment, disintegrate, split, destroy, reduce, shatter; Antonyms of BREAK: fix, repair, rebuild, patch, heal, reconstruct. Synonyms for VERY: extremely, incredibly, terribly, highly, too, so, damn, damned; Antonyms of VERY: somewhat, little, slightly, nominally, negligibly, just, hardly, scarcely. Synonyms for VALUABLE: expensive, costly, precious, premium, extravagant, high, priceless, pricey; Antonyms of VALUABLE: inexpensive, reasonable, cheap, worthless. Synonyms for APPEARS: shows, unfolds, comes, arrives, reappears, looms, rises, materializes; Antonyms of APPEARS: disappears, goes (away), vanishes, fades, dissolves. Synonyms for CONCEIVE: imagine, envision, see, visualize, envisage, dream, picture, vision; Antonyms of CONCEIVE: miss, misunderstand, misinterpret, misread, mistake. According to Merriam-Webster, a sustainable resource is one which is used or harvested in such a way that it is not depleted or permanently damaged. Synonyms for LOOK: seem, feel, sound, appear, make, act, come across (as), pretend; Antonyms of LOOK: suppress, restrict, restrain, stifle, censor, ugliness. PURPOSE Synonyms: 98 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for FOSTER: promote, encourage, cultivate, nurture, forward, advance, further, nourish; Antonyms of FOSTER: prevent, hinder, discourage, inhibit, frustrate. Synonyms for ADVANCED: evolved, improved, higher, developed, high, progressive, enhanced, late; Antonyms of ADVANCED: lower, primitive, rudimentary, retarded, low. Synonyms for EXHAUSTED: tired, drained, weary, wearied, fatigued, worn, beaten, dead; Antonyms of EXHAUSTED: rested, unwearied, rejuvenated, fresh, relaxed, refreshed. If you are on the lookout for unique and stylish wall art,. Synonyms for STYLE: mode, tone, manner, vein, fashion, phraseology, locution, idiom; Antonyms of STYLE: standard, classic. Synonyms for LIBRARY: archive, lending library, rental library, bibliotheca, stacks, collection, assemblage, assortment; Antonyms of LIBRARY: pile, heap, litter. Synonyms for RELEVANT: applicable, pertinent, important, appropriate, pointed, relative, meaningful, useful; Antonyms of RELEVANT: irrelevant, inapplicable. Synonyms for DELICIOUS: tasteful, flavorful, edible, tasty, delightful, yummy, lush, scrumptious; Antonyms of DELICIOUS: flat, tasteless, unpalatable, distasteful. Synonyms for EFFICACY: effectiveness, efficaciousness, efficiency, productiveness, ability, efficacity, effectualness, capability; Antonyms of EFFICACY. Synonyms for RATIONAL: intelligent, reasoning, reasonable, thinking, logical, analytical, mental, analytic; Antonyms of RATIONAL: irrational, unreasonable. FAIRNESS Synonyms: 122 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for ASSEMBLED: gathered, converged, met, convened, rendezvoused, joined, collected, clustered; Antonyms of ASSEMBLED: dispersed, disbanded, split (up), left. Synonyms for LEARNING: literacy, knowledge, education, scholarship, erudition, culture, learnedness, enlightenment; Antonyms of LEARNING: ignorance, illiteracy. Synonyms for RESOURCE: opportunity, recourse, resort, possibility, substitute, replacement, relief, expedient; Antonyms of RESOURCE: liabilities, debts, indebtedness. Synonyms for MONSTER: demon, grotesque, ogre, grotesquerie, monstrosity, grotesquery, Frankenstein, devil; Antonyms of MONSTER: normal, average, standard, sample. • New "Multiple selection" feature in Favorites. Synonyms for IN-BETWEEN: grey, borderline, gray, innermost, betwixt and between, inner, nearest, equidistant; Antonyms of IN-BETWEEN: extreme, farthest, outermost. Tools to find another way to say something include a thesaurus, translation books and websites, such as Google Translate, and word and phrase rewording websites, such as AnotherWayToSayThat. Synonyms for EXPLORE: investigate, examine, inspect, study, research, view, scan, look (into), inquire (into), delve (into). Synonyms for REVERSE: overturn, revoke, switch, revert, repeal, rescind, abrogate, annul; Antonyms of REVERSE: maintain, support, uphold, status quo, synonym, analog. Synonyms for SPECIAL: only, unique, one, lone, sole, singular, single, solitary; Antonyms of SPECIAL: myriad, multifarious, miscellaneous, mixed, varied, manifold. Synonyms for PHENOMENAL: extraordinary, exceptional, unusual, unique, outstanding, remarkable, rare, abnormal; Antonyms of PHENOMENAL: normal, common, ordinary. Synonyms for DISCIPLINE: department, area, element, realm, field, domain, walk, sphere; Antonyms of DISCIPLINE: indemnity, parole, vindication, pardon, amnesty. Synonyms for REALM: area, domain, element, field, department, sphere, kingdom, walk, territory, terrain. Synonyms for ALWAYS: constantly, continually, invariably, consistently, usually, often, frequently, normally; Antonyms of ALWAYS: never, sometimes, occasionally. The Insider Trading Activity of Webster Noah F on Markets Insider. PIONEER Synonyms: 109 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for PRESENT: offer, give, stage, carry, perform, show, mount, display; Antonyms of PRESENT: keep, hold, retain, withhold, preserve, save, lend, advance. Advertisement The Merriam Webster Dictionary describes a lock, in the context of a gun, as "The method for exploding the charge or cartridge of a firearm. Synonyms for NECESSARY: required, mandatory, compulsory, incumbent, needed, urgent, imperative, obligatory; Antonyms of NECESSARY: optional, voluntary, elective. An 1888 advertisement for Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. Thesaurus Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster thesaurus noun the· sau· rus thi-ˈsȯr-əs plural thesauri thi-ˈsȯr-ˌī -ˌē or thesauruses thi-ˈsȯr-ə-səz Synonyms of thesaurus 1 a : a book of words or of information about a particular field or set of concepts especially : a book of words and their synonyms b. Synonyms for SIMULTANEOUSLY: concurrently, coincidently, together, contemporaneously, at once, coincidentally, close, immediately; Antonyms of SIMULTANEOUSLY. The following numbers under 100 have the most factors: 60, 72, 84, 90 and 96. Synonyms for SURRENDER: relinquish, render, deliver, cede, yield, abandon, transfer, resign; Antonyms of SURRENDER: keep, retain, withhold, resist, fight, contend. Synonyms for WORSHIP: worshiping, adoration, worshipping, idolatry, deification, hero worship, reverence, adulation; Antonyms of WORSHIP: condemnation, hatred. Synonyms for WISDOM: insight, sensitivity, sagacity, intellect, discernment, perception, perceptivity, perceptiveness; Antonyms of WISDOM: density, dulness, dullness. Synonyms for DRAMA: theatre, theater, stage, production, dramatics, entertainment, acting, theatrics, theatricals, exhibition. Synonyms for IMAGINE: envision, see, picture, dream, conceive, envisage, visualize, fantasize; Antonyms of IMAGINE: doubt, suspect, question, reject, distrust. ARGUMENT Synonyms: 128 Similar Words. a group of buildings in which the functions of state government are carried out. Find definitions for over 300,000 words from the most authoritative English dictionary. Synonyms for EXCITE: thrill, electrify, delight, inspire, titillate, galvanize, arouse, intoxicate; Antonyms of EXCITE: bore, weary, pall, discourage, tire. 3 star 532K reviews 50M+ Downloads Everyone info Install America's most useful and respected dictionary. Synonyms for ACCESS: attack, bout, seizure, case, spell, turn, fit, siege; Antonyms of ACCESS: relief, arrest, remission, removal, discharge, dismissal, rejection. Synonyms for ANALYZE: dissect, examine, assess, investigate, evaluate, diagnose, cut, divide; Antonyms of ANALYZE: integrate, synthesize, consolidate, aggregate. Synonyms for ONLY: just, solely, purely, simply, exclusively, alone, primarily, mostly; Antonyms of ONLY: also, likewise, additionally, besides, previously, before. Synonyms for NUANCED: subtle, delicate, nice, fine, exact, minute, refined, meticulous; Antonyms of NUANCED: coarse, clear, obvious, rough, evident, apparent, inexact. SPECIFICALLY Synonyms: 27 Similar and Opposite Words. INTERMEDIATE Synonyms: 138 Similar and Opposite Words. Make your writing more precise and effective with the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus. Synonyms for SUCCESSFUL: prosperous, thriving, promising, triumphant, flourishing, growing, going, palmy; Antonyms of SUCCESSFUL: unsuccessful, failed, failing. Synonyms for GRATITUDE: appreciation, thanks, appreciativeness, thankfulness, gratefulness, acknowledgement, satisfaction, thanksgiving; Antonyms of GRATITUDE. GIGANTIC Synonyms: 123 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for ADVENTURE: experience, time, ordeal, happening, exploit, emprise, exploration, escapade; Antonyms of ADVENTURE: bore, drag, bust, bummer, downer, sure. Synonyms for RESPONSIBLE: liable, accountable, answerable, amenable, indebted, obligated, beholden, obliged; Antonyms of RESPONSIBLE: irresponsible, unaccountable. Synonyms for POSITIVE: yea, pro, yes, approval, acceptance, grace, favorable, good; Antonyms of POSITIVE: negative, no, con, nay, non placet, veto, blackball, unfavorable. A thesaurus ( PL: thesauri or thesauruses ), sometimes called a synonym dictionary or dictionary of synonyms, is a reference work which arranges words by their meanings (or in simpler terms, a book where you can find different words with same meanings to other words), [1] [2] sometimes as a hierarchy of broader and narrower terms, sometimes simp. From quaerere came requirere, meaning "to ask again. Synonyms for ESTABLISHED: settled, steadfast, stable, determinate, unaltered, constant, changeless, unchanging; Antonyms of ESTABLISHED: flexible, variable, elastic. SPECIFIC Synonyms: 193 Similar and Opposite Words. "Webster's" has since become a genericized trademark in the United States for. When there’s a word for something that you just can’t think of or you need help expressing a thought in a different way, a thesaurus is a big help. Synonyms for MUSE: poet, minstrel, bard, rimester, rhymester, versifier, poetaster, poetess, troubadour, lyricist. APPROPRIATE Synonyms: 171 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for COMPLEMENTARY: supplementary, reciprocal, mutual, supplemental, collective, combined, correlative, cooperative; Antonyms of COMPLEMENTARY: nonreciprocal. Synonyms for DISCRETION: prudence, wisdom, sense, wit, policy, intelligence, common sense, discreetness; Antonyms of DISCRETION: indiscretion, imprudence. Synonyms for SOURCE: origin, fountain, cradle, root, beginning, font, spring, commencement, wellspring, fountainhead. Synonyms for CONTINUE: remain, persist, last, stay, endure, survive, abide, linger; Antonyms of CONTINUE: stop, cease, die, pass, conclude, end, discontinue, finish. EXCEPTIONAL Synonyms: 253 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for REMAIN: stay, wait, dwell, hang around, stick around, abide, linger, tarry; Antonyms of REMAIN: leave, move, go, depart, get off, quit, cut out, pull out. Synonyms for HIDE: conceal, bury, secrete, stash, cache, hoard, ensconce, inter; Antonyms of HIDE: display, exhibit, reveal, expose, show, uncover, bare, unmask. Synonyms for WISH: impose, inflict, pass off, foist, palm, force, palm off, fob off, entail, misrepresent. Synonyms for FANTASTIC: bizarre, fanciful, crazy, wild, funny, absurd, ridiculous, unreal; Antonyms of FANTASTIC: reasonable, realistic, familiar, unglamorous. Synonyms for MUSEUM: gallery, exhibition, library, collection, archives, display, salon, studio, assemblage. Without question, the quest begins with the Latin verb quaerere, which means "to ask" or "to seek. Synonyms for EMULATE: come (to), mean, correspond (to), match, amount (to), equal, signify, add up (to), approach, suggest. Synonyms for TREASURES: jewels, trophies, attractions, honors, highlights, crown jewels, glories, features; Antonyms of TREASURES: defects, stains, disgraces. Synonyms for THROUGH: amongst, amidst, among, midst, amid, between, mid, in the thick of; Antonyms of THROUGH: from, out of, ongoing, incomplete, unfinished. Synonyms for METHOD: approach, technique, strategy, methodology, way, manner, system, recipe, how, tactics. Synonyms for SYNONYM: copy, duplicate, analog, replica, analogue, carbon copy, counterpart; Antonyms of SYNONYM: opposite, contrary, antithesis, counter, reverse. Synonyms for PHENOMENON: miracle, wonder, marvel, sensation, prodigy, beauty, portent, splendor, spectacle, flash. Synonyms for ATTITUDE: stance, posture, carriage, behavior, poise, station, demeanor, seat, attention, presence. Collins online dictionary and reference resources draw on the wealth of reliable and authoritative information about. Synonyms for ADVICE: guidance, recommendation, information, feedback, suggestion, counsel, assistance, advisement, input, admonishment. Synonyms for OUTCOME: result, resultant, consequence, product, effect, aftermath, matter of course, fate; Antonyms of OUTCOME: cause, reason, consideration, factor. Fortunately, there are explanations. Synonyms for RESULTS: outcomes, consequences, resultants, products, effects, aftermaths, fruits, developments; Antonyms of RESULTS: reasons, causes, factors. Synonyms for CRUCIAL: key, critical, vital, pivotal, essential, fundamental, necessary, basic; Antonyms of CRUCIAL: minor, unimportant, insignificant, trivial. Synonyms for JOY: happiness, bliss, blissfulness, joyfulness, enjoyment, pleasure, gladness, beatitude; Antonyms of JOY: sadness, misery, unhappiness, sorrow. Synonyms for MONEY: cash, currency, coin, bucks, dough, funds, gold, dollar; Antonyms of MONEY: have-not, bankrupt, pauper, beggar. The term "shred the gnar" was invented by two skiers in the '90s looking to keep track of their cool tricks. Synonyms for RECORD: chronology, history, story, account, version, chronicle, report, diary; Antonyms of RECORD: delete. Synonyms for ACQUIRE: develop, cultivate, gain, get, obtain, form, adopt, attain; Antonyms of ACQUIRE: lose, abandon, forsake, shed, unload, reject, discard, desert. arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power. Synonyms for HONOR: recognize, thank, celebrate, commemorate, congratulate, acknowledge, salute, commend; Antonyms of HONOR: humble, dishonor, shame, discredit. Synonyms for SAID: aforementioned, aforesaid, above, forenamed, such, foregoing, precedent, former; Antonyms of SAID: following, subsequent, succeeding, below. Synonyms for ESTABLISH: prove, demonstrate, show, substantiate, confirm, sustain, uphold, justify; Antonyms of ESTABLISH: disprove, invalidate, refute, discredit. • Bug fixes and performance improvements. being the less far of two some of the best restaurants are on this side of town. Synonyms for RENEW: restore, revive, refresh, recreate, renovate, replenish, freshen, regenerate; Antonyms of RENEW: complete, finish, end, conclude, consummate. Synonyms for GOOD: reasonable, logical, reasoned, valid, sensible, rational, solid, hard; Antonyms of GOOD: unreasonable, irrational, illogical, invalid, unsound. According to both the Collins and Merriam-Webster English dictionaries, the correct plural term for sir is sirs, and the correct plural term for madam is madams. ABERRATION Synonyms: 66 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for COMPARE: equate, refer, link, connect, relate, analogize, liken, bracket; Antonyms of COMPARE: contrast, distinguish, differentiate, separate. Synonyms for THAT: further, opposite, other, farther, far, back, distant, outside; Antonyms of THAT: closer, near, this, front, hither, inside, forward, fore. Synonyms for DESIGNS: plans, blueprints, strategies, projects, programs, schemes, systems, arrangements; Antonyms of DESIGNS: methods, means, ways. Synonyms for SUBSTANTIAL: significant, major, important, historic, big, much, meaningful, monumental; Antonyms of SUBSTANTIAL: small, little, minor, slight. ” However, because the word “freedom” has a complex and nuanced meaning, concepts like “dependence” or “limitation” may also be considered its opposite. Synonyms for INCREDIBLE: incredulous, unbelievable, unlikely, impossible, fantastical, unimaginable, inconceivable, ridiculous; Antonyms of INCREDIBLE: plausible. Synonyms for LEGACY: inheritance, heritage, bequest, gift, patrimony, present, birthright, offering, heirloom, bestowal. Synonyms for CONDUCT: supervise, oversee, operate, manage, regulate, control, handle, govern; Antonyms of CONDUCT: misconduct, carry on, cut up, misbehave, act up. This all-new edition of The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus features more than 150,000 word choices, including synonyms, related words, antonyms, and near antonyms. Synonyms for DETERMINATION: decision, decisiveness, resolve, persistence, persistency, resoluteness, resolution, readiness; Antonyms of DETERMINATION: hesitation. Synonyms for PROGRESSIVE: moderate, reformer, centrist, middle-of-the-roader, compromiser, accommodationist, advanced, higher; Antonyms of PROGRESSIVE: revolutionary. Synonyms for BEAR: have, produce, deliver, mother, birth, give birth to, drop, get; Antonyms of BEAR: lose, abort, miscarry, refuse, reject, resist, dismiss, decline. Synonyms for PRIVILEGE: honor, concession, boon, apanage, appanage, entitlement, prerogative, right; Antonyms of PRIVILEGE: duty, responsibility, burden, obligation. An Arabic-English Translator & English language learning app designed for Arabic speakers. Synonyms for DREAM: daydream, illusion, fantasy, vision, delusion, phantasy, nightmare, idea; Antonyms of DREAM: fact, reality, actuality, means, way, method, failure. ENGAGE Synonyms: 113 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for INFLUENCE: sway, leverage, authority, importance, credit, weight, clout, in; Antonyms of INFLUENCE: weakness, helplessness, impotence, powerlessness. Synonyms for COWORKER: colleague, partner, buddy, associate, peer, confrère, confrere, fellow, collaborator, pal. Synonyms for TIMELINESS: readiness, promptness, willingness, punctuality, quickness, promptitude, alacrity, earliness; Antonyms of TIMELINESS: tardiness, lateness. NURKIN JOHN WEBSTER Insider Activity. Synonyms for ENVIRONMENT: surroundings, atmosphere, environs, climate, surround, context, terrain, setting, space, milieu. Our unique ranking system helps you find the right word …. Synonyms for EXCEL: exceed, surpass, better, eclipse, top, transcend, outshine, outdo; Antonyms of EXCEL: lose (to). Synonyms for PLEASED: delighted, glad, thankful, satisfied, happy, gratified, joyful, thrilled; Antonyms of PLEASED: displeased, sad, unhappy, dissatisfied. FEEL Synonyms: 170 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for APPROACH: route, path, way, road, avenue, highway, passage, artery; Antonyms of APPROACH: retreat, withdraw, retire, recede, back (up or away), go. Synonyms for ABLE: suitable, qualified, capable, competent, good, fit, equal, prepared; Antonyms of ABLE: unfit, poor, incompetent, unqualified, inept, inexperienced. Master today's medical vocabulary. This app includes an Arabic-English dictionary, full text translation, vocabulary games, flashcards, personalized word lists, & more. Synonyms for GROWTH: tumor, lump, neoplasm, cyst, excrescence, carcinoma, outgrowth, excrescency; Antonyms of GROWTH: regression, reversion, retrogression, regress. Synonyms for NOBLE: aristocratic, great, patrician, gentle, upper-class, highborn, grand, upper-crust; Antonyms of NOBLE: common, humble, ignoble, low, plebeian. Synonyms for CONSULT: confer, discuss, talk, advise, counsel, argue, treat, parley, confabulate, talk over. Each main entry provides the meaning shared by the synonyms listed and abundant usage examples show words used in context. Synonyms for REFLECTION: remark, comment, note, view, analysis, commentary, mind, exposition; Antonyms of REFLECTION: credit, honor, pride, glory, treasure, jewel. Synonyms for REVISE: modify, change, alter, remodel, rework, transform, recast, redo; Antonyms of REVISE: set, fix, stabilize, freeze, fixation, stabilization. Synonyms for BULLYING: browbeating, resolved, ascetic, ascetical, monastic, monkish, unflinching, obstinate; Antonyms of BULLYING: gentle, tolerant, lenient, lax. Synonyms for SPECTACULAR: extravagant, flamboyant, showy, gaudy, swanky, tawdry, glitzy, splashy; Antonyms of SPECTACULAR: severe, plain, stark, unadorned, austere. Synonyms for KNOWLEDGE: science, wisdom, expertise, information, lore, awareness, data, evidence; Antonyms of KNOWLEDGE: ignorance, innocence, inexperience. Synonyms for GENUINE: authentic, real, honest, true, original, unmistakable, certified, actual; Antonyms of GENUINE: fake, false, counterfeit, phony, spurious, bogus. Synonyms for AMAZING: surprising, startling, stunning, wonderful, shocking, incredible, awesome, astonishing; Antonyms of AMAZING: normal, common, ordinary, typical. Synonyms for DELETERIOUS: harmful, detrimental, adverse, damaging, dangerous, bad, injurious, hazardous; Antonyms of DELETERIOUS: beneficial, benign, harmless. Synonyms for SACRIFICE: offering, victim, immolation, contribution, donation, propitiation, libation, oblation, holocaust, offer. Synonyms for EXTENSIVE: broad, wide, sweeping, comprehensive, deep, expansive, extended, widespread; Antonyms of EXTENSIVE: narrow, limited, restricted, circumscribed. Synonyms for AMELIORATE: improve, enhance, remedy, remediate, better, help, enrich, refine; Antonyms of AMELIORATE: worsen, impair, harm, hurt, damage, injure, reduce. Synonyms for PRAISE: acclaim, recognition, acknowledgement, kudos, acknowledgment, accolade, homage, laurels; Antonyms of PRAISE: shame, disgrace, dishonor. Synonyms for ASPECT: side, hand, phase, angle, part, facet, element, regard; Antonyms of ASPECT: sight, glimpse, glance, flash, peek, peep, blink, stime. Continuously updated with new words and meanings. Our pronunciation help, synonyms, usage and grammar tips set the standard. Synonyms for EXPLAIN: clarify, illustrate, demonstrate, simplify, interpret, illuminate, elucidate, explicate; Antonyms of EXPLAIN: obscure, confuse, cloud, confound. utilize: [verb] to make use of : turn to practical use or account. a reference book giving information about the meanings, pronunciations, uses, and origins of words listed in alphabetical order try to …. Synonyms for SOLDIER: warrior, fighter, marine, trooper, serviceman, veteran, raider, dragoon; Antonyms of SOLDIER: civilian. Synonyms for WELL: fine, okay, good, nicely, alright, correctly, OK, decently; Antonyms of WELL: poorly, badly, ill, inadequately, insufficiently, bad. GENUINE Synonyms: 244 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for COME: approach, enter, near, advance, nigh, drop in, pop (in), arrive; Antonyms of COME: go, withdraw, leave, retreat, depart, recede (from), exit, check out. Synonyms for MANAGER: executive, administrator, director, superintendent, supervisor, administrant, exec, president, commissioner, officer. Synonyms for INCREASE: accelerate, expand, boost, augment, raise, multiply, extend, enhance; Antonyms of INCREASE: reduce, decrease, diminish, lessen, lower, dwindle. Synonyms for APPEARANCE: look, presence, demeanor, attitude, manner, aspect, dress, garb; Antonyms of APPEARANCE: departure, disappearance, exit, departing, farewell. AMP: [noun] a nucleotide C10H12N5O3H2PO4 composed of adenosine and one phosphate group that is reversibly convertible to ADP and ATP in metabolic reactions — called also#R##N# adenosine monophosphate, adenylic acid; compare cyclic amp. Synonyms for PRACTICES: rehearsals, trials, dry runs, exercises, dress rehearsals, drills, previews, walk-throughs, run-throughs, habits. Synonyms for PRESENCE: proximity, sight, company, immediacy, nearness, closeness, contiguity, look, appearance, attitude. Synonyms for TIRED: exhausted, weary, wearied, drained, worn, dead, fatigued, beaten; Antonyms of TIRED: rested, unwearied, fresh, rejuvenated, relaxed, refreshed. Synonyms for PERFORM: execute, accomplish, fulfil, fulfill, achieve, do, implement, make; Antonyms of PERFORM: fail, slight, skimp, slur, backfire, fizzle. Synonyms for FURTHER: farther, beyond, yon, yonder, then, also, either, more; Antonyms of FURTHER: less, fewer, prevent, hinder, discourage, inhibit, frustrate, prohibit. FANTASTIC Synonyms: 332 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for PURSUE: chase, track, follow, accompany, escort, course, trace, trail; Antonyms of PURSUE: lead, guide, pilot, head, lose, hide, ignore, neglect. Synonyms for PROCESS: imitation, manufactured, synthetic, simulated, mock, dummy, cultured, mimic; Antonyms of PROCESS: real, natural, genuine, true, legitimate. Synonyms for ENNUI: boredom, restlessness, tedium, weariness, melancholy, blahs, listlessness, doldrums; Antonyms of ENNUI: fascination, absorption, enchantment. Synonyms for EMPLOY: hire, recruit, engage, retain, pay, enlist, place, assume; Antonyms of EMPLOY: can, dismiss, axe, sack, ax, fire, discharge, lay off. Synonyms for BOLDNESS: audacity, brashness, forwardness, shamelessness, sauciness, impudence, disrespect, insolence; Antonyms of BOLDNESS: consideration, humility. Synonyms for DECISION: opinion, verdict, conclusion, determination, judgment, judgement, diagnosis, resolution; Antonyms of DECISION: tie, halt, draw, deadlock. Synonyms for FEATURE: highlight, emphasize, stress, accent, identify, punctuate, point (up), focus; Antonyms of FEATURE: tone (down), play down, minimize, de. Synonyms for PESSIMISTIC: hopeless, cynical, negative, despairing, bleak, depressing, defeatist, desperate; Antonyms of PESSIMISTIC: optimistic, hopeful, rosy, upbeat. ENDEAVORS Synonyms: 120 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for ROBUST: healthy, sturdy, well, strong, whole, wholesome, fit, hale; Antonyms of ROBUST: weak, feeble, sick, unhealthy, unfit, ill, unsound, diseased. Synonyms for MAYBE: perhaps, possibly, probably, surely, sure, certainly, conceivably, mayhap, likely, perchance. Synonyms for ENSURE: assure, guarantee, insure, secure, guaranty, ice, cinch, promise; Antonyms of ENSURE: undermine, weaken, enfeeble. Synonyms for IMPORTANT: major, significant, historic, big, meaningful, much, substantial, tectonic; Antonyms of IMPORTANT: unimportant, small, trivial, insignificant. As defined by Merriam-Webster, a factor is a number that divides evenly into. Synonyms for EXPERIENCES: adventures, times, ordeals, happenings, exploits, actions, escapades, gests; Antonyms of EXPERIENCES: bores, busts, downers, drags, bummers. ” It’s defined in Merriam Webster as slan. EXHAUSTED Synonyms: 139 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for BREED: type, kind, genre, stripe, sort, variety, species, nature; Antonyms of BREED: abuse, mistreat, ignore, maltreat, neglect, harm, ill-treat, hurt. And, thanks to the Internet, you don’t need to have a book on hand. Synonyms for KUDOS: applause, accolade, glory, credit, acclaim, praise, honor, laud, commendation, props. Synonyms for IMPLEMENT: enforce, execute, apply, administer, enact, fulfill, effect, render; Antonyms of IMPLEMENT: ignore, disregard, neglect. Synonyms for LUXURY: amenity, indulgence, comfort, extra, superfluity, option, extravagance, frill; Antonyms of LUXURY: must, necessity, essential, requirement. Synonyms for MEANINGFUL: suggestive, eloquent, expressive, revealing, meaning, revelatory, significant, reminiscent; Antonyms of MEANINGFUL: unexpressive, small. Synonyms for GOSSIP: gossiper, informant, informer, gossipmonger, circulator, yenta, newsmonger, talebearer; Antonyms of GOSSIP: shut up, clam up. Synonyms for LEGEND: caption, key, table, scale, guide, translation, subtitle, cutline, motto, slogan. Synonyms for USEFUL: applicable, practical, applied, applicative, useable, usable, practicable, pragmatic; Antonyms of USEFUL: useless, impractical, impracticable. Synonyms for PROMPTS: causes, creates, generates, brings, does, produces, spawns, invokes; Antonyms of PROMPTS: limits, restricts, impedes, suppresses, arrests. APPROACH Synonyms: 146 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for STILL: quietly, quiet, motionlessly, immovably, inactively, however, nevertheless, though; Antonyms of STILL: movably, loud, noisy, woolly, boisterous. Synonyms for BELITTLE: dismiss, minimize, diminish, disparage, denigrate, criticize, derogate, diss; Antonyms of BELITTLE: exalt, applaud, glorify, extol, praise. dictionary: [noun] a reference source in print or electronic form containing words usually alphabetically arranged along with information about their forms, pronunciations, functions, etymologies, meanings, and syntactic and idiomatic uses. Synonyms for RESTAURANT: diner, cafe, grill, cafeteria, café, eatery, tavern, beanery, caff, lunchroom. Synonyms for PRODUCE: create, generate, cause, bring, do, prompt, yield, work; Antonyms of PRODUCE: restrict, limit, impede, suppress, stifle, subdue, quash, repress. Synonyms for POEM: verse, lyric, song, sonnet, poetry, ballad, rhyme, rune, limerick, elegy. Synonyms for TEAMWORK: coordination, cooperation, collaboration, partnership, community, unity, collegiality, synergy; Antonyms of TEAMWORK: noncooperation. Synonyms for MEMBER: component, element, factor, ingredient, constituent, basis, building block, feature; Antonyms of MEMBER: whole, compound, mass, composite. Synonyms for STELLAR: celestial, interstellar, star, starry, astral, astronomical, astronomic, heavenly; Antonyms of STELLAR: poor, terrible, awful, lousy, pathetic. Thesaurus by Merriam-Webster: Find Synonyms, Similar Words, and Antonyms The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus Word of the Day NOVEMBER 5, 2023 requisite Get the definition, examples, and podcast » Get Word of the Day in your inbox! Top Thesaurus Lookups Browse the Thesaurus Make your writing more precise and effective with the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus. ESTABLISHED Synonyms: 229 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for SENSE: feeling, feel, sensation, impression, perception, touch, suggestion, hint; Antonyms of SENSE: density, slowness, dulness, dullness, idiocy. Explore the NEW Cambridge English Thesaurus: Get thousands of synonyms and antonyms with clear explanations of usage and example sentences, in both British and American English. Synonyms for HOWEVER: though, nevertheless, nonetheless, still, yet, notwithstanding, at the same time, all the same, just the same, even so. Synonyms for PARADOX: dichotomy, mystery, contradiction, enigma, incongruity, riddle, puzzle, conundrum, antinomy, puzzlement. Synonyms for DESIRE: urge, longing, craving, thirst, hunger, passion, appetite, yearning; Antonyms of DESIRE: hatred, disgust, dislike, distaste, nausea, revulsion. Synonyms for CHAT: chatter, talk, gossip, chitchat, gab, small talk, natter, schmooze; Antonyms of CHAT: articulate, pronounce, enunciate. Synonyms for LOVE: treasure, appreciate, value, enjoy, cherish, admire, respect, like; Antonyms of LOVE: hate, despise, loathe, detest, undervalue, abhor, disdain, slight. Synonyms for VIABLE: possible, achievable, feasible, attainable, workable, practicable, realizable, practical; Antonyms of VIABLE: impossible, impracticable. Synonyms for AGENDA: schedule, calendar, program, timetable, organization, docket, bill of fare, card, plate, exercises. Synonyms for INTERMEDIATE: average, median, moderate, middle, medium, modest, typical, reasonable; Antonyms of INTERMEDIATE: extreme, excessive, special, unusual. With a wide range of products to choose from, this online retailer has become a go-to destination for homeowners. Synonyms for FRIEND: buddy, colleague, confidant, pal, sister, brother, partner, comrade; Antonyms of FRIEND: enemy, foe, competitor, opponent, adversary, rival. Synonyms for CANCEL: abandon, revoke, abort, scrap, repeal, withdraw, rescind, terminate; Antonyms of CANCEL: continue, keep, engage, begin, start, initiate. Synonyms for EXPERTISE: skills, experience, proficiency, know-how, chops, savvy, background, moxie; Antonyms of EXPERTISE: inexperience, ignorance, unfamiliarity. Synonyms for ACTION: thing, act, doing, deed, achievement, feat, accomplishment, experience; Antonyms of ACTION: inertia, passivity, inactivity, hesitation. America's most useful and respected dictionary -- with premium content and no ads. Synonyms for UNSETTLING: disturbing, troubling, frightening, scary, upsetting, disquieting, distressing, nasty; Antonyms of UNSETTLING: reassuring, settling, soothing. The premium content includes over 1000 graphical illustrations, and. Copy Citation Share thesaurus Love words? Need even more definitions? Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Merriam-Webster unabridged. Synonyms for RETAIN: keep, hold, preserve, possess, save, withhold, have, reserve; Antonyms of RETAIN: yield, relinquish, give, surrender, release, give up, abandon. Synonyms for SECURE: protect, defend, safeguard, guard, shield, keep, fence, fend; Antonyms of SECURE: attack, assault, assail, submit, overrun, yield, beset, cave. Synonyms for CONDUCIVE: favorable, helpful, beneficial, facilitative, advantageous, profitable, propitious, salutary; Antonyms of CONDUCIVE: harmful, unfavorable, bad. Synonyms for COMMUNICATION: message, dispatch, letter, report, news, bulletin, memo, memorandum, express, instruction. When we look at a dictionary, the meanings of words are straightforward. Synonyms for COMPREHENSIVE: thorough, panoramic, extensive, full, complete, inclusive, global, exhaustive; Antonyms of COMPREHENSIVE: specialized, limited, narrow. EDUCATION Synonyms: 39 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for CYCLE: wheel, circle, round, course, pattern, progression, merry-go-round, series; Antonyms of CYCLE: second, minute, moment, instant, flash, split. The super-prolific Stephen King has doled out lots of advice for budding writers, including the recommendation to cut down your text. Synonyms for INDEED: certainly, surely, definitely, sure, clearly, probably, really, undoubtedly, likely, truly. Synonyms for ADMINISTER: distribute, dispense, provide, allocate, divide, assign, supply, apportion; Antonyms of ADMINISTER: refuse, deny, withhold, reject, disallow. Synonyms for EFFECT: outcome, result, resultant, consequence, product, matter of course, aftermath, issue; Antonyms of EFFECT: cause, reason, consideration, factor. Synonyms for RELIABILITY: reliableness, dependability, responsibility, trustworthiness, solidity, credibility, dependableness, solidness; Antonyms of RELIABILITY. Synonyms for PREFERRED: selected, select, favorite, favored, chosen, elect, choice, picked; Antonyms of PREFERRED: common, average, ordinary, commonplace, run-of-the. Synonyms for SCHEME: ruse, device, trick, stratagem, gambit, ploy, sleight of hand, jig, gimmick, fetch. Synonyms for ENDEAVORS: attempts, tries, goes, stabs, bids, essays, trials, offers; Antonyms of ENDEAVORS: lets up, breaks, eases (up), slackens, hangs (around or out. Synonyms for ASK: interrogate, question, quiz, inquire (of), query, catechize, grill, examine; Antonyms of ASK: answer, respond, reply, observe, comment, avoid. * Integrated Thesaurus: more than 200,000 word choices with examples of their use * Example Sentences: understand how a word is used in context * Audio Pronunciations: voiced by real English speakers, …. In addition to all the definitions from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, the app includes an integrated thesaurus, example sentences, Word of the Day, Favorites, and more. Synonyms for MAINTAIN: preserve, conserve, save, protect, defend, restore, keep up, sustain; Antonyms of MAINTAIN: ignore, disregard, destroy, neglect, break, hurt. Advertisement Glue is a strong adhesive substance that binds things together [source: Merriam-Webster]. Synonyms for DISORDER: chaos, havoc, hell, jumble, confusion, mess, disorganization, disorderliness; Antonyms of DISORDER: order, system, orderliness, method, pattern. Synonyms for CHALLENGING: difficult, tough, rigorous, demanding, hard, formidable, complicated, heavy; Antonyms of CHALLENGING: easy, simple, light, soft, effortless. " The flintlock is the most venerable of the lock technologies. Synonyms for BENEFITED: helped, aided, profited, availed, served, pleased, succeeded, advantaged; Antonyms of BENEFITED: hindered, hurt, impaired, injured, damaged. Synonyms for LAMENT: mourn, regret, bewail, bemoan, deplore, grieve (for), wail (for), weep; Antonyms of LAMENT: joy, glory (in), delight, rejoice (in), laugh, beam. Synonyms for APPRECIATED: admired, revered, loved, adored, esteemed, cherished, relished, beloved; Antonyms of APPRECIATED: disliked, ignored, despised, hated. Synonyms for DIRECT: channel, conduct, funnel, carry, pipe, channelize, focus, canalize; Antonyms of DIRECT: mind, follow, keep, obey, comply (with), observe, cancel. Synonyms for DISCERN: notice, see, spot, eye, regard, perceive, distinguish, observe; Antonyms of DISCERN: ignore, disregard, neglect, pass over, miss, overlook. Synonyms for FLAWLESS: perfect, ideal, excellent, immaculate, superb, faultless, prime, seamless; Antonyms of FLAWLESS: imperfect, bad, defective, flawed, inadequate. Synonyms for PRACTICE: rehearsal, trial, dry run, exercise, dress rehearsal, preview, drill, walk-through, run-through, habit. Synonyms for PROCESSES: procedures, methods, techniques, operations, courses, proceedings, systems, manners; Antonyms of PROCESSES: regressions, recessions, retreats. Synonyms for CHALLENGE: objection, exception, question, complaint, protest, difficulty, criticism, fuss; Antonyms of CHALLENGE: willingness, approval, sanction. Synonyms for REFERENCE: source, authority, quotation, citation, extract, footnote, excerpt, caption, cross-reference, note. Synonyms for EMBODY: integrate, incorporate, assimilate, absorb, combine, co-opt, merge, amalgamate; Antonyms of EMBODY: disembody. Synonyms for ADDITIONAL: more, further, farther, another, else, other, added, extra; Antonyms of ADDITIONAL: less, fewer. Synonyms for DICTIONARY: lexicon, vocabulary, glossary, thesaurus, wordbook, nomenclator, gloss. Synonyms for PRODUCT: production, yield, work, output, fruit, produce, result, labor; Antonyms of PRODUCT: cause, reason, consideration, factor, basis, occasion, base. Synonyms for CONTENT: topic, matter, theme, motif, subject, question, essence, motive; Antonyms of CONTENT: tangent, aside, excursion, parenthesis, digression. Synonyms for RIDICULOUS: absurd, silly, pathetic, stupid, foolish, comical, ludicrous, unreasonable; Antonyms of RIDICULOUS: serious, earnest, solemn, reasonable. Synonyms for WORDS: terms, phrases, …. Synonyms for MUSTER: assembly, assemblage, conference, meeting, gathering, audience, congregation, panel; Antonyms of MUSTER: unit, item, entity, single, demobilize. Synonyms for LIGHT: glow, glare, gleam, illumination, sunlight, glint, beam, luminescence; Antonyms of LIGHT: night, dark, darkness, shadow, dusk, blackness, gloom. Synonyms for LARGE: sizable, substantial, considerable, big, huge, handsome, great, oversized; Antonyms of LARGE: small, smallish, little, puny, dwarf, dinky. Synonyms for CONSISTENT: compatible, consonant, coherent, congruent, concordant, harmonious, congruous, conformable (to); Antonyms of CONSISTENT: inconsistent. PERFORM Synonyms: 101 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for QUESTIONABLE: dubious, disputable, problematical, problematic, debatable, suspicious, doubtful, suspect; Antonyms of QUESTIONABLE: certain. As an avid home decor enthusiast, you want to discover unique and stylish pieces that will transform your living space. Synonyms for MILESTONE: climax, landmark, watershed, corner, milepost, highlight, climacteric, turning point, crisis, transformation. Synonyms for RESOLVED: determined, resolute, intent, decisive, confident, bound, positive, out; Antonyms of RESOLVED: unresolved, undetermined, hesitant, uncertain. Synonyms for FRAMEWORK: structure, architecture, infrastructure, frame, skeleton, fabric, shell, configuration, framing, shape. Synonyms for EXPERIENCE: skills, expertise, proficiency, background, savvy, know-how, chops, acquaintance; Antonyms of EXPERIENCE: inexperience, ignorance. Synonyms for ARGUMENT: dispute, quarrel, disagreement, altercation, controversy, fight, bicker, misunderstanding, row, debate. Synonyms for MANAGING: overseeing, controlling, supervisory, directing, senior, reigning, high-level, main; Antonyms of MANAGING: less, second, lower, last. Synonyms for ASSUME: accept, shoulder, bear, undertake, embrace, take over, adopt, agree; Antonyms of ASSUME: disclaim, refuse, disavow, repudiate, renounce, withdraw. Synonyms for HORROR: dreadfulness, atrocity, frightfulness, awfulness, gruesomeness, ghastliness, fearfulness, repulsiveness; Antonyms of HORROR: pleasantness. Synonyms for STRIVE: struggle, labor, work, endeavor, try, toil, tug, slave; Antonyms of STRIVE: break, slacken, ease (up), let up, shirk, relax, lounge, rest. infliction of injury, harm, humiliation, or the like. When it comes to decorating our homes, finding the perfect wall art is essential. Synonyms for ADVERTISEMENT: ad, announcement, release, advertising, bulletin, posting, notice, notification, advert, brochure. Synonyms for STRUGGLE: stumble, trudge, limp, blunder, flounder, shuffle, jog, fumble; Antonyms of STRUGGLE: coast, fly, sail, glide, zoom, zip, kilt, break. " It usually refers to the front side of the body. Synonyms for OBSERVE: obey, follow, conform (to), comply (with), adhere (to), abide by, keep to, mind; Antonyms of OBSERVE: defy, disobey, dare, refuse, lead. Synonyms for AWESOME: amazing, wonderful, marvellous, astonishing, miraculous, incredible, surprising, marvelous; Antonyms of AWESOME: unremarkable, boring. Synonyms for CHEATING: deception, fraud, deceit, deceptiveness, cunning, deceitfulness, lying, dishonesty; Antonyms of CHEATING: good faith, sincerity, artlessness. Synonyms for DELIVER: save, redeem, forgive, reclaim, pardon, bless, reform, remit; Antonyms of DELIVER: compromise, jeopardize, endanger, adventure, risk, venture. Synonyms for HELP: assist, aid, support, reinforce, encourage, save, facilitate, back; Antonyms of HELP: hinder, restrain, interfere, impede, inhibit, constrain. Synonyms for MELANCHOLY: sad, depressing, mournful, pathetic, unfortunate, tearful, heartbreaking, disturbing; Antonyms of MELANCHOLY: happy, cheery, glad, uplifting. Synonyms for DOCILE: obedient, compliant, submissive, tractable, restrained, biddable, gentle, meek; Antonyms of DOCILE: defiant, unruly, rebellious, willful, wilful. Synonyms for OBSCURE: ambiguous, cryptic, dark, mysterious, enigmatic, enigmatical, esoteric, mystic; Antonyms of OBSCURE: obvious, clear, plain, accessible, certain. There are 163 entries in the thesaurus containing and. Synonyms for CONFER: grant, award, give, provide, offer, accord, bestow, present; Antonyms of CONFER: revoke, call, recall, rescind, drop, repeal, nullify, abrogate. Synonyms for DEDICATION: commitment, loyalty, devotion, allegiance, fidelity, faithfulness, steadfastness, fealty; Antonyms of DEDICATION: treachery, disloyalty. Synonyms for SOME: one, certain, anonymous, unnamed, unspecified, given, specific, unidentified; Antonyms of SOME: known, named, specified, even, precisely, exactly. Synonyms for PURPOSE: goal, aim, intention, plan, intent, objective, idea, object; Antonyms of PURPOSE: method, means, way. Synonyms for STRAIGHTFORWARD: direct, straight, honest, plain, forthright, candid, blunt, frank; Antonyms of STRAIGHTFORWARD: indirect, circuitous, wordy, roundabout. Synonyms for SYSTEM: network, series, complex, whole, web, totality, plexus, conglomerate, sequence, aggregate. Synonyms for BENEFITS: advantages, assets, resources, boons, help, aids, blessings, hands; Antonyms of BENEFITS: disadvantages, drawbacks, impediments, hindrances. Synonyms for ADD: attach, introduce, insert, affix, expand, append, annex, augment; Antonyms of ADD: remove, subtract, deduct, take off, separate, reduce, abate, cut. Synonyms for SUBSEQUENTLY: later, afterwards, thereafter, afterward, after, soon, then, latterly; Antonyms of SUBSEQUENTLY: previously, before, earlier, ahead. Synonyms for CONTENTS: topics, matters, themes, motifs, subjects, questions, ideas, motives; Antonyms of CONTENTS: parentheses, excursions, tangents, asides. Visit TLC to learn more about how to remove glue from fabric. Do you know how to drain a waterbed without a pump? Find out how to drain a waterbed without a pump in this article from HowStuffWorks. Synonyms for PART: portion, section, segment, member, component, length, partition, element; Antonyms of PART: whole, total, sum, compound, aggregate, totality. Synonyms for DEVELOPMENT: evolution, progress, expansion, progression, growth, advancement, improvement, emergence; Antonyms of DEVELOPMENT: regression, reversion. • Access to the latest Webster's word database from 2021. Synonyms for PROBLEM: troublesome, vexing, worrisome, stubborn, serious, complicated, vexatious, complex; Antonyms of PROBLEM: easy, simple, manageable. AWESOME Synonyms: 233 Similar and Opposite Words. Synonyms for WELCOME: embrace, greet, enjoy, like, drink (in), hail, eat (up), adopt; Antonyms of WELCOME: refuse, reject, decline, pass up, balk (at), turn down. Synonyms for HUSBAND: spouse, partner, mister, hubby, man, old man, groom, companion; Antonyms of HUSBAND: throw away, run through, lavish, waste, blow, spend. Synonyms for INCLUDE: involve, contain, encompass, entail, carry, comprise, number, take in; Antonyms of INCLUDE: exclude, leave (out), prevent, omit, preclude. Synonyms for CELEBRATED: famous, famed, renowned, prominent, distinguished, notorious, noted, respected; Antonyms of CELEBRATED: unknown, obscure, unsung, anonymous. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus, Newest Edition (Hardcover) 2nd Edition. Synonyms for CONNECTING: merging, merger, unification, consolidation, combining, linking, connection, coupling; Antonyms of CONNECTING: split, partition. Synonyms for EXAMPLE: instance, sample, illustration, specimen, case, indication, representative, prototype, exemplification, case in point. Synonyms for LIE: deceive, fool, prevaricate, fib, kid, trick, fabricate, misrepresent; Antonyms of LIE: testify, assert, swear, confirm, verify, validate. Synonyms for ORGANIZE: arrange, classify, order, systematize, dispose, codify, marshall, marshal; Antonyms of ORGANIZE: disarray, upset, disarrange, derange, disorder. * Universal app * No ads * Integrated Thesaurus: more than 200,000 word choices with examples of their use * New Vocabulary-Building Quizzes: fun, fast quizzes to learn new words or test your vocabulary * Voice Search: look up a word without having to spell it * Word of the Day: learn a new word every day. Synonyms for BEAUTY: beautifulness, attractiveness, looks, elegance, loveliness, aesthetics, esthetics, prettiness; Antonyms of BEAUTY: ugliness, plainness. It not only adds a personal touch to our living spaces but also sets the tone for the entire room. Synonyms for BASE: ground, predicate, rest, found, hang, establish, presume, premise; Antonyms of BASE: top, head, vertex, height, peak, tip, apex, summit. Synonyms for PIONEER: settler, colonist, colonial, frontiersman, homesteader, colonizer, explorer, pathfinder; Antonyms of PIONEER: last, latter, final, ultimate. Synonyms for WEATHER: thunderstorm, precipitation, thundershower, rain, rainfall, shower, downpour, rainstorm; Antonyms of WEATHER: mist, drizzle, spit, sprinkle. Synonyms for CONSIDER: regard, call, count, view, believe, think, feel, account; Antonyms of CONSIDER: ignore, slight, disregard, overlook, dismiss, reject, pooh-pooh. Synonyms for INTEGRITY: morality, virtue, honesty, goodness, character, rightness, ethics, morals; Antonyms of INTEGRITY: evil, immorality, wickedness, badness. Synonyms for MESSENGER: courier, runner, page, ambassador, express, delegate, agent, representative, go-between, envoy. Synonyms for MANDATE: accreditation, authorization, licence, license, commission, delegation, empowerment, promotion; Antonyms of MANDATE: rescind, cancel, countermand. Then you will be quickly provided with an array of …. • Fully optimized support for Android 11. For example, your knee caps are on the anterior part of your body. Synonyms for WITH: through, because of, due to, on account of, owing to, by, via, in, per, by means of. Synonyms for SIGNIFICANT: suggestive, meaningful, revealing, eloquent, expressive, meaning, reminiscent, revelatory; Antonyms of SIGNIFICANT: unexpressive, small. Synonyms for PROVIDED: supplied, furnished, purchasable, prevalent, widespread, rentable, available, omnipresent; Antonyms of PROVIDED: unavailable, limited. com Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, https://www. Make your applications better by integrating our authoritative definitions, etymologies, audio pronunciations, synonyms and antonyms, …. Search medical terms and abbreviations with the most up-to-date and comprehensive medical dictionary from the reference experts at Merriam-Webster. Synonyms for EVER: forever, always, permanently, eternally, ay, indelibly, everlastingly, long; Antonyms of EVER: never, once, ne'er, nevermore, sometimes. Synonyms for INCLUDING: besides, beside, as well as, beyond, plus, over and above, involving, containing; Antonyms of INCLUDING: except, excepting, less, wanting. Find Synonyms and Antonyms for entries with the. Synonyms for MOSTLY: mainly, primarily, chiefly, largely, predominantly, principally, basically, generally; Antonyms of MOSTLY: entirely, completely, wholly, fully. Synonyms for TRANSFORM: convert, remodel, transfigure, transmute, metamorphose, replace, rework, alter, transpose, modify. Synonyms for PARAMOUNT: Big Brother, totalitarian, potentate, overlord, chief, autocrat, authoritarian, monocrat; Antonyms of PARAMOUNT: least, last, unimportant. Synonyms for CHEAT: misrepresent, evade, distort, dodge, fudge, twist, finagle, elaborate; Antonyms of CHEAT: satisfy, gratify, content, fulfill, fulfil, gladden. Synonyms for ISOLATE: hermit, solitary, recluse, anchorite, eremite, shut-in, homebody, separate; Antonyms of ISOLATE: socialite, socializer, integrate, connect, join. : a book of words or of information about a …. Synonyms for VISIT: see, call (on or upon), drop in (on), look up, seek (out), drop by, stay, sojourn; Antonyms of VISIT: ignore, brush (aside or off), snub, cold. Collins is a major publisher of Educational, Language and Geographic content, and has been publishing innovative, inspiring and informative books for over 200 years. Synonyms for THINKING: meditation, contemplation, reflection, musing, retrospection, awareness, consciousness, total recall; Antonyms of THINKING: repression, amnesia. Synonyms for SEAMLESS: perfect, flawless, ideal, excellent, superb, immaculate, prime, perfected; Antonyms of SEAMLESS: imperfect, bad, defective, inadequate. Go beyond dictionary lookups with Word of the Day, facts and observations on language, lookup …. Webster's Dictionary is any of the English language dictionaries edited in the early 19th century by Noah Webster (1758-1843), an American lexicographer, as well as numerous related or unrelated dictionaries that have adopted the Webster's name in his honor. Synonyms for ANSWERS: responses, replies, reactions, returns, rejoinders, retorts, comments, remarks; Antonyms of ANSWERS: questions, inquiries, queries, challenges. Synonyms for RESEARCH: investigation, inquiry, study, exploration, examination, probing, probe, inspection, inquisition, delving. Synonyms for ULTIMATE: consummation, epitome, quintessence, limit, extremity, depth, height, utmost; Antonyms of ULTIMATE: least, minimum, minimal, slightest. Synonyms for NIGHT: midnight, evening, nighttime, dusk, dark, darkness, twilight, nightfall; Antonyms of NIGHT: day, daytime, morning, dawn, sunrise, daybreak. Synonyms for STUPID: dumb, slow, simple, thick, idiotic, foolish, dull, ignorant; Antonyms of STUPID: brilliant, smart, clever, intelligent, quick, bright, apt, fast. Synonyms for AMBIGUOUS: cryptic, obscure, dark, enigmatic, enigmatical, vague, mysterious, unclear; Antonyms of AMBIGUOUS: obvious, clear, unambiguous, unequivocal. The is not entered in the thesaurus. Find Synonyms and Antonyms for entries with and. RESEARCH Synonyms: 62 Similar Words. Indices Commodities Currencies Stocks. When it comes to home decor, finding the right stores can make all the difference. Synonyms for ENJOY: love, like, relish, savor, savour, appreciate, adore, take to; Antonyms of ENJOY: hate, dislike, detest, loathe, abhor, despise, condemn, abominate. b : a list of subject headings or descriptors usually with a cross-reference system for use in the organization of a collection of documents for reference and retrieval. Synonyms for SUBSEQUENT: ensuing, later, latest, after, late, posterior, eventual, final; Antonyms of SUBSEQUENT: previous, prior, former, precedent, foregoing. Synonyms for SOLUTION: result, answer, explanation, finding, determination, conclusion, clue, key. Synonyms for AGGRESSION: aggressiveness, hostility, defiance, fight, belligerence, assaultiveness, pugnacity, belligerency; Antonyms of AGGRESSION: pacifism. STUPID Synonyms: 447 Similar and Opposite Words. Webster's All-In-One Dictionary & Thesaurus, Second Edition, Newest Edition: Editors of Merriam-Webster, Merriam-Webster, Merriam-Webster: 9781596951471: Amazon. Synonyms for EASY: simple, smooth, cheap, ready, quick, straightforward, effortless, painless; Antonyms of EASY: difficult, hard, tough, arduous, severe, strenuous. Synonyms for FOUNDATION: institute, institution, group, establishment, corporation, charity, enterprise, body, philanthropy, collective.